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Jackie Banks

Thank you Team Rabadi for creating an environment where our kids can soar! When we set out to find a martial arts academy, we were looking for a place that could teach our daughter how to defend herself as she navigated through life. What we didn’t anticipate was how martial arts was going to impact her confidence. What a joy to watch our daughter become a self-assured and strong young woman! We are so grateful to have happened upon the most genuinely caring and professional group of coaches. Team Rabadi = Family!

Adam DeGraff

I can’t say enough good things about Rabadi BJJ! Everything about the school was absolutely first class! Robby is an amazingly kind and welcoming professor and has clearly attracted equally fantastic staff and students. As a touring musician I hit up a lot of BJJ academies on the road and this one is definitely in that very top tier! Great training. Great people. Great facility.

Melissa Bellman

Team Rabadi is an amazing place with the most knowledgeable coaches that really put the needs of their students first! Would highly recommend this gym to train at for anyone of any age. Best decision for my children!

Austin Fowler

I have trained here for 2 years, and I train every day. Every day brings the same level of training. Every day is the same, excellent instruction. The level of consistency Team Rabadi coaches and staff bring is unrivaled. The gym brings a focus to competition, as well as real world self defense situations, which is exactly what I was looking for, bringing a focus on training beyond just a hobby. Couldn’t be happier.

Arnold Canales

This place has turned into my second home, coach Robby and the rest of the coaches are amazing and make it the best learning experience for everyone. Overall my favorite place to be during the week and weekends.

M. Bush

The kids program here is wonderful. My son is better at focusing and having self control, he started Jiu Jitsu a few months before school, the structure, discipline and coaching helped prepare him for the expectations of school. My daughter has been attending for 2 years now and she has so much confidence and an eagerness to learn, grow and excel. The coaches are helpful, friendly and encouraging.

Ryan Vano

My daughter and I have been coming to Rabadi for about 5 months now. Great people, great instruction, and a great environment to learn and grow. The instructors and management have created an awesome camaraderie and everyone is there to get better and help others to get better. Morning, lunchtime, and evening classes throughout the week accommodate busy schedules and they always have fun special events and seminars to get extra instruction or just bond with the Rabadi team. I saw an immediate boost my daughter's confidence, and we're so thankful to all of the instructors for sharing their time and talents.

Kyle Kiser

Team Rabadi is an amazing place to learn new skills, gain confidence, and have a great time pushing yourself. The coaches are amazing and the kids program is top notch. Coach Miguel is amazing with the younger kids and does a great job teaching and keeping them in line. I highly recommend that anyone try this place. Kids and adults, it’s amazing!!

Apolonio Chapa

The culture of Team Rabadi is great and everyone I’ve met there is amazing. My initial meeting with Kevin, went very well. We talked about my concerns about my oldest son going into middle school and youngest not far behind him. I feel Team Rabadi will give my children the opportunity to grow and learn as individuals.

Ruben Sanchez

I started at Team Rabadi in January and was extremely intimidated by the skill and work ethic of the group of people that train here. Every member went out of there way to help new guys feel comfortable and build confidence. At the same time they will push everyone, even newbies, to work hard and give your all every round.